Rev Jenni Vinecourt

Helping you to see with the eyes of God 
to find comfort, joy and purpose.
PO Box 176
Burton, OH  44021
The donation is $80.00

All Private Readings are 
30-40 min in length

In-Person, Zoom or Phone Readings 

Reading Gatherings

Bring your friends together to experience a fun day of Spiritual Insights.

Readings for guests are $25 for 15 min

Limit of 12 readings per gathering.
Larger gatherings can be accommodated 
with additional Readers.

Healing Services

Reiki / Therapeutic Energy Work
The donation is $50.00 ~ 1/2 hr

Distance Healings are 
also available 


A donation of $350 includes meeting with the couple to create
 a unique and personally written ceremony for your special day.

I joyfully work with Traditional 
and Non-Traditional couples.
My husband John and I have a small homestead here in Burton.  We raise happy and healthy pastured beef, hogs, and free range chickens.  All without any hormones or antibiotics.  And WITH a lot of love and respect!  You can check out the farm at

We raise our animals mainly for our own consumption but there are various times that we have extra beef, pork and chicken available for purchase.  If you would like more information on purchasing and /or availability, please contact me via email at or via facebook
All are being held on Zoom or 
Phone at this time