Rev Jenni Vinecourt

Helping you to see with the eyes of God 
to find comfort, joy and purpose.
PO Box 176
Burton, OH  44021
~~~ A Healing Prayer ~~~
"Mother/Father God, as we open the door to connection with Spirit, we give thanks for we know that the healings received are filled with the love, light and truth of the Highest.  May all of us open our hearts so that we will be filled with the loving, white light of the Highest and that we may be able to extend that love to all those in need.  May each being represented here be open to receive the love and healing energy that is freely given to them.  So be it."

  With your help, great miracles can be experienced.  When we focus our energy with love in our hearts, the vibration that we create can work wonders on those around us.  Using the vehicle of the internet, that loving and healing vibration can reach to others around the world.  I ask that you think about  and send love and healing to all those in need.  This simple act adds to the vibration of love.  In this way, you can be a part of the miracle.  Thank you.